The human being is fundamentally alone, he can not escape this truth. We try to flee this thought by building relationships with other human beings, we disappear within the other to distract us from ourselves. But our solitude is unavoidable and when that relationship falls apart, we fall apart. The fatality of death and loneliness catches up with us and we find ourselves alone with this suffering. We have the impression of no longer exist and at the same time of feeling like never before.

This serie begins when the suffering of loss (of the other, of self), the difficulty of existing reaches its culminating point. This impression of being broken, in crumbs and that nobody will be able to reattach the pieces. It is necessary, however, to assemble the fragments, to do this work oneself for oneself.
In a choreography alone facing the camera, the artist undertakes this journey. The torments of the mind appear in the tortured movements of the body. The misshapen members represent this foreign vision of self. This therapy by the image aims to relearn to live with the only being always present and unavoidable, self. The reapproach of the body for the reappropriation of the spirit.