I left, got away, to be alone, listen the silence and finally, hear myself. And then I said nothing, I understood that I will not find what it is I came for; no, Iceland will not offer me a big revelation, it will not tell me who I am, where I have to go, as I had so much hoped.
So I gave up, let myself be guided without thinking, explored the calm and the infinite, the days without nights and the vast deserts. And there, in the emptiness, I found, almost by accident, something incredibly precious, nestled between two rocks and a yellow blade of grass: a truth.

The truth that, like the desertic landscapes of Iceland, everything change. Nothing is immutable. Like those landscapes, so alike, yet so different.
Life is like that: you see nothing changing, everything seems familiar, although, sometimes really slowly, inch by inch, everything becomes different. You only need to go forward.
So, you too, let yourself be guided and enjoy the journey.